Photographic Frontiers Study Group meeting November 1, 2017

Apologies that this announcement is a bit later than usual; scheduling considerations postponed matters a bit.

The next meeting of the Photographic Frontiers Study Group will be worth attending for a number of reasons. For starters, Matt Lit of mattlitphoto ( will share with us his experience and insights as a professional photographer, photo journalist and photography educator. Matt began shooting for newspapers in 1977, while still in high school, and earned a degree in photojournalism and a reputation for news photography in Northern Arizona in the early 80’s. His work includes photojournalism, commercial and editorial photography, wedding photojournalism, dog photography, and fine art photography, some of which was created using a Holga Toy Plastic Camera. Matt’s workshops include private one-on-one courses; a summer class in Kremmling, CO and a new series with river guide Lauren Bond-Kovsky of The River’s Path.

After Matt’s presentation, and subsequent question and answer period, club members will be able to present photos that they would like to discuss and, if they choose, have critiqued. The primary purpose of this group is education and mutual support.

The meeting will end with a discussion of a possible direction for the Photographic Frontiers Study Group to take in 2018.

The meeting will be held November 1 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Boulder Digital Arts, 1600 Range St., Boulder.