Competition Submission Guidelines

Print Specifications

Prints are brought to the meeting and placed in the appropriate categories.


26 inches is the tallest object that will fit in the light box.  Glass and frames are NOT ALLOWED. Prints must be mounted (e.g., matboard, foamboard, metal prints, etc.). Prints should have the maker’s name, title and indication of the UP direction on the back of the print. The minimum print size is 8″ x 10″.

Digital Specifications


  • Maximum vertical dimension – 1080 pixels.
  • Maximum horizontal dimension – 1080 pixels.


The club uses a specific naming convention that allows the Projectionist to organize images for presentation.

Filenames must be of the format:
Note: there are dashes or minus signs between sections of the file name.
FLA = 3 character club code. FLA stands for Flatirons Photo Club.
SSSS = first 4 characters of the submitter’s surname. If a surname has less than 4 characters, that is fine.
X = first character of the submitter’s first name
Y = Category: A=Special Topic, B=Nature, C=Realism, D=Special Effects
Z = Number of the entry in a category. A1 would be the first entry, A2 would be the second entry, A3 would be the third, etc.

Title = Image title with 36 characters maximum. Note: some email systems remove spaces from filenames when they receive files. If your email system does this, use underscores (“_”) instead of spaces. The program will replace them with spaces.

Example: John Smith, Flatirons Photo Club, Realism, Great Blue Heron would have a filename of:
fla-smitj-C1-Great Blue Heron.jpg


Send entries for digital projection as attachment(s) to an email addressed to flatirons[at]  Entries must be received by midnight the Sunday before before the Thursday meeting.  This allows time for an email to be sent to the submitter that the images have been received correctly and allows time to prepare the images for digital projection as part of the competition.