Photographic Frontiers Study Group Meeting

The next meeting of Flatirons Photo Club’s Photographic Frontiers Study Group will feature former Flatirons Photo Club President, Thomas Walsh. The meeting will be held next Wednesday night, April 5, from 7 to 9 p.m. at Boulder Digital Arts, 1600 Range St., Boulder.

If you were fortunate and wise enough to attend our last meeting, in which Rick Cummings presented his ideas, procedures, and final artwork in portraiture, you probably learned a bit to a great deal about portraiture. As is the case with any artist, Rick has a distinctive style. In the group’s next meeting, Thomas will present a different approach, aiming for more of a cover girl look (Do NOT think Marlboro Man). Though the presentation will consider the speedlight and studio strobe lighting of a shoot, it will primarily focus on the use of frequency separation in post processing–a methodology used to locally soften skin textures as well as hue and saturation variations. One’s technique can, of course, employ both of these approaches in forming and refining a personal style.

If you have, or would like to develop, a passion for creating photographs of yourself and others, don’t miss this presentation.

Remember to bring any photos that you’d like to have critiqued or simply discussed. The purpose of this group is education and mutual support.