November 14, 2013 Program-“Photographer/Physician: Images from a Decade in the International AIDS Epidemic,” Charles Steinberg

PastedGraphic-6Flatirons Photo Club Presentation, Thursday November 14th

Charles will discuss how his medical work and his photography interrelate.
He will present work from Africa and Asia. As Charles works in a country as a physician, he is fortunate to get out of the usual “tourist bubble” and his images show that. Ranging from stunning travel imagery to personal portraiture from diverse cultures, his high color, high contrast and high impact photography will inspire you to keep shooting and, perhaps, to get involved in humanitarian service. He will also show some of the images he uses in his teaching at The University of Colorado Medical School and other national and international presentations.

Charles Brief Bio:

Charles Steinberg M.D. is an HIV/AIDS specialist from Boulder Colorado. After being in practice 30 years, Charles began teaching physicians and nurses how to treat HIV/AIDS internationally. Charles has done medical consulting and training in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Nepal, Mexico, Peru, Honduras, Romania and the Ukraine. He has spent most of the last 10 years in East Africa, and a month each year for 3 years doing similar work in Myanmar (Burma).
Charles is also a professional photographer, who teaches photography and is wildly published. He uses his images in his medical teaching to bring in the “human” aspects of medical care. He is the photographer for his wife’s poverty eradication project in Uganda, BeadforLife. His images fill the BeadforLife website ( with potent colorful images from Uganda, and his work can also be seen at