March 14, 2019 Monthly Meeting

On Thursday, March 14, the Flatirons Photo Club is excited to present Colorado nature and nightscape photographer, Mike Berenson.

Where: Mike’s Camera, 2500 Pearl Street in Boulder. Second floor, just left of Mike’s main entrance. Free and the public is invited.

When: The Flatirons Photo Club begins gathering at 6:30PM for social and our program begins at 7PM.  After the program, we will view and discuss photos submitted by our members. The March Special Topic for member submissions is ‘Motion.’

Questions, email:

Mike enjoys bringing his unique visions of the night sky come to life and helps others to do the same.  He will show us some of his incredible images and what it takes to capture them.  Using the night sky as a source of inspiration, Mike pushes beyond a camera’s limits to create works of art that make people think.  Together with training partner Darren White, Mike makes Milky Way Dreams come to life with workshop events in Arches, Canyonlands, and Yellowstone National Parks and on Mount Evans in Colorado.  Check out their website at and see what the excitement is all about.

Mike would also like to offer members of the Flatirons Photo Club a 10% discount on any workshop event payments for a month following our talk (so it will expire on 4/14).  This discount is available by entering “BOULDER19” on our checkout page.

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