March 12, 2020 Monthly Meeting

Members: Please note that there will not be a competition for the March meeting, to allow full time for Winn Robbin’s presentation on portrait photography.

Join Portrait Photographer Winn Robbins and Model Aileen Vega at Mike’s Camera in Boulder on Thursday, March 12, 2020 at 7:00 PM for a fun evening of portrait photography live shooting. Learn from two working professionals as you watch a shoot happen from start to finish. Using a single light and multiple backgrounds, both photographer and model will interact and shoot together, demonstrating how to create various lighting profiles and looks, combine them with beautiful poses, all to bring a perfect portrait to life. You will learn model direction and pose creation, light diffusion and sizing, how to flatter your subject with your light, how different lenses can react to different subjects, and much more.

Winn Robbins is an editorial portrait photographer based in Boulder, CO. With ten years of experience in wedding, photojournalism and portrait photography, he offers unique insights on the ins and outs of the photographic industry. He also specializes in monochromatic and art photography, bringing an artistic technique to many of his classes and challenging attendees to think outside the box as they create images of their own. For more information on Winn and to see his work and follow his blog, visit

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