Digital Study Group Update: Feb. 1 Meeting at BPL Reynolds Branch 6:45–8:45 pm

Since the Mapleton Center changed their policies and cut off our access, the officers and some key volunteers of the Flatirons Photo Club have been in full scramble mode trying to find new homes for the monthly meetings of the club and the Digital Study Group. This has been a lot more difficult than you might think. Although we currently have our fingers crossed on a couple possibilities, nothing has yet been nailed down for certain.

In the meantime, the Feb. 1 Digital Study Group meeting will take place from 6:45–8:45 at the Reynolds Branch of the Boulder Public Library, 3595 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder, CO 80305. Please note the time change; we have to be out the door by 8:45. As I mentioned in a previous email, Bruce Henderson will do a presentation on his “little planets” spherical panoramic images. We’ll look at and discuss images that members are working on for this month’s Special Topic, “Boulder Landmarks: Natural and Man-Made,” as well as any other images you may want to share with us. (You can bring your images on a thumb drive.) I will do a short presentation on the work of visual artist/photographer Vik Muniz.

Digital Study Group meetings are open to one and all. Note: If you find these meetings valuable, we hope you will become a member of the Flatirons Photo Club (at just $20 yr.), since the rental charge wherever we land we will be adding significant expense to our meager budget.

Cary Wolfson
Treasurer, Flatirons Photo Club