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Louisville National Juried Photography Show 2012

Would you please inform your members that the Call for Entries for the 21st Annual Louisville National Juried Photography Show is now open? This year’s awards pool is over $8,000 in cash and other awards. The prospectus can be viewed or downloaded at and entries are accepted through CaFE at People are welcome to contact me with questions at 303-547-08107.
Bob Maynard, Chairman
LAA 2012 National Juried Photography Show

Saint Stephen’s Art Show

The Saint Stephen’s Art Show takes place April 26-29 this year. The event is open to all Colorado artists.

Sponsored by St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, The Longmont Artists’ Guild, and St. Vrain Photographic Society, the show features oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, drawing/printmaking, fiber art, sculpture, mixed media, traditional photography, and enhanced photography. Details on the juried competition can be found at

Advanced, competitively priced technologies expected to ship this year.

At the last meeting of the Digital Study Group, Chris Bales shared some info about a couple of advanced technologies on the commercial horizon.

The first is a new type of screen developed by Nanosys called Quantum Dot Enhanced Film. Robert Scoble maintains that “When Nanosys starts shipping its screen technology later this year our lives will change forever.” The screen supposedly looks higher resolution than, for example, the current iPad display and has far better color rendition. In addition, it will not require more power or cost more than current screens. Text and a video can be seen here:

The second is a commercially priced light field camera which provides a photographer the “ability to focus on any depth of field within a taken photo, observe a 3D-type effect even without specs, and boost images taken in extremely low light.” For text and video, take a look here:

Both products should start shipping this year.

Thomas Walsh, Flatirons Photo Club President


Boulder open space shoot

The field trip to Boulder’s Open Space is on for this Sunday, June 5, starting at 8:30 AM. We will meet by the ranger’s station in Chautauqua Park and Margie Robinson will lead us to areas with particularly good wildflowers. The weather forecast is excellent, so this should be a wonderful opportunity for a nature shoot.

Hope to see many of you there.

Thomas Walsh, Flatirons Photo Club President

Denver Botanic Gardens field trip Sunday, June 12

Connie Redak has organized a field trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens to take place on Sunday, June 12. The gardens open at 9 AM, so we will meet at the entry gate at 1007 York St. at that time. Admission for non-members is $12.50 for adults, $9.50 for seniors (65+). If there are 10 or more of us, we will be charged a reduced, group fee of $10.50 for adults, $8.00 for seniors. Whoever is there at 9 AM will be part of the entry group.

As Connie notes, there is a conservatory as well as many opportunities outdoors even in rain or fog, so she will be there rain or shine, as I expect to be. In addition, it’s worth knowing that the garden has a very nice cafe with good food and beverages.

Hope to see many of you there. And many thanks to Connie for organizing this.

Thomas Walsh, Flatirons Photo Club President


Open space shoot on May 15, 2011

As announced at the last general meeting of Flatirons Photo Club, Margie Robinson will be leading a shoot in Boulder’s open space. She has decided on Sunday, May 15. We will meet at Chautauqua at 8:30 AM, because by 9:00 the parking is already out on the street. Prior to then, she will wander around and see where the best flowers are. She is planning on the group shoot ending at 11:00, though people will of course be free to stay on their own.

Many thanks to Margie for agreeing to do this. I hope to see lots of you there, the flowers in the open space are wonderful at that time of year.

Thomas Walsh, Flatirons Photo Club President

Butterfly Pavilion Field Trip

Our club is having a field trip to the Butterfly Pavilion on March 19. We will be attending the tripod photography session which starts 1.5 hours before general admission. This is a members only event.