Advanced, competitively priced technologies expected to ship this year.

At the last meeting of the Digital Study Group, Chris Bales shared some info about a couple of advanced technologies on the commercial horizon.

The first is a new type of screen developed by Nanosys called Quantum Dot Enhanced Film. Robert Scoble maintains that “When Nanosys starts shipping its screen technology later this year our lives will change forever.” The screen supposedly looks higher resolution than, for example, the current iPad display and has far better color rendition. In addition, it will not require more power or cost more than current screens. Text and a video can be seen here:

The second is a commercially priced light field camera which provides a photographer the “ability to focus on any depth of field within a taken photo, observe a 3D-type effect even without specs, and boost images taken in extremely low light.” For text and video, take a look here:

Both products should start shipping this year.

Thomas Walsh, Flatirons Photo Club President