April 2021 Monthly Meeting

Our monthly Zoom meeting is on Thursday, April 8th, starting at 7pm. Join a bit early to assure your connectivity and socialize. A link to the meeting will be sent in advance via email to members and interested non-members. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please send an email to flatirons [at] [email protected] with the subject line ‘Mailing list’.

Steve Zimmerman, a Front Range photographer https://www.stevezphoto.us/ who specializes in aerial and landscape photography, will be presenting on “The Aerial Perspective”. He will also judge our member competition.

The second half of the meeting will be a competition. Members may submit up to 2 images. Use the naming protocols outlined on in our submittal guidelines: https://flatironsphotoclub.org/monthly-members-competition. This month the special topic is “natural frame”. Natural framing is when an element within the image is used to frame the subject. This internal frame can be a multitude of things you’ll find anywhere – branches, archways, tunnels, door frames etc., as well as things that aren’t solid like light, shadows, rain, fog . . . – your choice. Here is a link to our regular categories and additional information about the monthly competitions:  https://flatironsphotoclub.org/competitions

We encourage all members to participate. It’s a great opportunity to learn from our accomplished presenter. And as always, if you wish to share images, you must have paid your dues.  Smile