Field Trip: Boulder County Bombers Women’s Roller Derby. Double Header. June 28.

I’ve just finalized arrangements for tickets to the Boulder County Bombers’ dual bout this Saturday, June 28. If we have a group of 10 or more when we arrive at the ticket table, tickets will be $10 each. Otherwise, we will pay the regular price of $15 each (so bring $15, just in case). Either way it will be well worth it: The sport is great, as are the photo and video ops. In addition, the Bombers will be playing a double header. The Bombers’ B team (I’ve seen them compete; it’s a gas), aka The Bombshells, will defeat (okay, I’m hoping at this point) the South Side Derby Dames starting at 6 pm. In the second bout, the Bombers’ A team, the All Stars, will overwhelm (ditto) the Denver Roller Dolls Bruising Altitude.

There will be food from Georgia Boys BBQ and beer from 300 Suns, Bootstrap and Left Hand as well as Nina’s Cocktails margaritas and rum from Tesouro Distillery.

Doors open at 5:30, general admission. Though we’ll be free to move around during the bouts, to get good seats we will meet outside the hall entrance at 5:30, when admittance begins. Location: Boulder County Fairgrounds, 9595 Nelson Road, Longmont, CO. Park in the dirt parking lot in front of the large building named Boulder County Fairgrounds Park. When you face that building, the building hosting the bouts is directly to your right, it’s called the Exhibit (or Exhibition) Hall. In this photo, it’s the building in the lower center:
I hope to see lots of you there. As I say, women’s roller derby is a terrific sport and a great photo op.

Thomas Walsh
Flatirons Photo Club President