October 2023 Meeting – Preston Newell Photos

The October presenter was Preston Newell, a longtime member of the Flatirons Photo Club. The photographs shown were part of his entries submitted to the Colorado State Fair over the past few years, winning First Place twice in the photography category and First Place once in the graphic arts category. First, Second, and Third Place awards in graphic arts were won in 2021.

Many of the photographs show the human form in sometimes unique or unusual ways. The lighting techniques range from using standard studio lights, Christmas LED lights, custom designed lighting configurations or natural light. Props and masks are sometimes employed to develop the effect wanted.

The workflow usually begins with use of the Adobe product suite. Topaz, On1, Luminar, and Nik software may also be used to further modify or enhance the photograph. The resulting work may blur the line between what is a photograph or what is a graphic art image.