John Kieffer is the featured photographer Jan. 14

John Kieffer, a photographer who leads tours throughout Colorado and has written five books on photography, will give a presentation entitled “Beyond Nature” at the Flatirons Photo Club’s monthly meeting Thursday, Jan. 14, in the south building at Har HaShem, 3950 Baseline Road .
“Over the past 25 years, I’ve been involved in most aspects of professional photography. Like many, I began as a nature photographer, but soon became exposed to editorial and advertising photography as a photographer’s assistant working in New York and Colorado,” Kieffer wrote in an email.
“One of my favorite ideas to discuss is Beyond Nature,where I show how to use basic nature techniques and composition to photograph more than nature, especially people, man-made subjects and travel.
“This shooting style also plays into social media, which has changed how pictures are taken, what images people want to show, and more importantly, what your viewers wants to see. Top priority: have fun and explore.”
Kieffer, who also is a member of the Flatirons Photo Club, leads private photo tours throughout Colorado. He also is represented by Getty Images. His website is at
His five books are: Boulder, Colorado, a Photographic Portrait; Denver, Colorado, a Photographic Portrait; Mastering Nature Photography; and two versions of A Photographer’s Assistant,onerevisedfordigitaladvancements.

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