Year End Competition

The annual year-end competition is held in December.  Each active member of the club may enter up to five images and may distribute the entries among the five competition categories in any way they desire.  Images entered in the year-end competition may have been shown in the current year’s monthly competitions, or may be new work as long as it was created in the past two years; also acceptable is work more than 2 years old that has never before been shown in a competitive venue.

Competition Categories

The distinction between the categories is one of style, not the technique used.  Images in the Realism category are photographic in style.  Images in the Special Effects category are creative/artistic in style.  Some images captured in the camera can be in the Special Effects category, and some images that have been extensively post processed can be in the Realism category as long as they look like traditional photographs.  Ultimately, it is up to the maker to determine the style of image when selecting the entry category.

REALISM – Images in this category exhibit realism in the style of a traditional photograph no matter how it was created.  Some images look realistic even if they have been highly edited.  More than one image may be used to create the final image.

  • Digital Projected Realism (RL) – Color or B & W
  • Print Realism (PL) – Color only

SPECIAL EFFECTS – The style of images in this category exhibit creative/artistic characteristics.  If it is clear that a creative/artistic effect has been used then it goes in special effects category.  Even images made in camera can be in this category -through the use of creative lens filters such as Lens Baby, or through extreme motion depicted using long exposures.

  • Digital Projected Special Effects (SE) – Color or B & W
  • Print Special Effects (PE) – Color only

B & W/MONOCHROME/DUO-TONE – B & W prints entered into this category may be of any subject matter.  Images may be photographic or creative/artistic in style.  B & W images may be presented as Monochrome, Toned, or Duo-Tone.

  • Print B & W (BW)