Photographic Frontiers Study Group Meeting this Wednesday, March 2—Videography for Photographers

Folks, if you haven’t yet hit that “Record Video” button on your camera, the time has come. This Wednesday’s Photographic Frontiers Study Group will be a great opportunity to see and hear an overview from basics to some advanced techniques. Oaken Beeson of Seed Design and Production will give a presentation on videography for photographers using DSLRs. As usual, we will meet at Boulder Digital Arts in Boulder, at 1600 Range St, from 7 to 9 p.m. Here’s Oaken’s announcement:

From Photographer to Videographer: Using your DSLR to take professional quality video

We will discuss opening up your DSLR to another range of possibilities. Going over everything from settings to proper frame rates to the equipment used in professional videography. The worlds of photo and video are completely different but it doesn’t need to be difficult to switch between the two. We will simplify and compare how the two are alike to make it an easier transition for the mind of a photographer. This is not intended to teach composition and basic photography, the class is directed towards photographers who have already learned the basic principles; aspect ratios, shutter speed, framing, etc. Feel free to bring in your cameras for hands on instruction!

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