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Photo Frontiers Study Group Meeting April 1

The next meeting of the Photographic Frontiers Study Group will be from 7-9 p.m. Wednesday, April 1st (No, this isn’t a joke!). The meeting will be held on the third floor of Mike’s Camera at Folsom and Pearl in Boulder. Take the elevator in back to get to the meeting room. There is no requirement for dues or membership–all you need is a passion for photography. So, hope to see you there!
Part 1: Emerging Technologies in Imaging – Presented by Marc, the Sony rep for our area
Last month Brian Rabin from Mike’s Camera was kind enough to give us some background on the state of mirrorless cameras these days, along with some basic tech background.
This month we will follow that up with a presentation by Marc Morris, the Rocky Mountain Region Sony rep. He will discuss the technical changes and innovations currently taking place in imaging hardware–changes that are bringing about a very rapid evolution of the modern camera and lens, taking our gear (and ourselves) into the bold new future of photo/videography. He’ll be using a 4K panel for the presentation–a prime example of these emerging technologies. Come on out with your questions for Marc and join the discussion! (I plan on asking when we will be getting 50mp and 20 stops of dynamic range in our pocket point-and-shoots!)
Part 2: Image Feedback, Discussion (Time permitting…depends on how much we pester Marc with our questions.)
If time allows, we will spend some time with your images during the second hour. On a thumb drive or as prints, bring a couple of photographs for which you would like feedback from the group. You might want opinions on how to fix a problem in a photo editing program, how to improve the composition or lighting, how to print the image, or anything else that strikes your fancy. In the past, this has been a fun, educational, and very positive round table session done in the spirit of improving all of us as photographers.  

March 2015 Competition Results

The judge and presenter was Maureen Ruddy Burkhart. The special topic was mannequins.