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Explanation of Special Topic for November 14 Competition

Our November meeting is three weeks (November 14), so we still have time to create photographs for the special topic, wabi-sabi. The following is Russ Dohrmann’s explanation of wabi-sabi.

Wabi-sabi is the Japanese esthetic of finding beauty in imperfection, of accepting the natural cycles of growth, decay, and death.

Examples of the “wabi” concept can be found in rustic beauty, age, simplicity, stillness either man-made or natural, or an object with a unique one of a kind flaw.

The concept of “sabi” is represented by objects which are irregular, imperfect or broken, unpretentious or ambiguous.

Design elements of “wabi-sabi” photographs can include cracks and crevices, stains and spots, texture (either inherent or added), or frayed edges.

Frequent materials of “wabi-sabi” images are aged wood, crumpled or man-made paper, patina that comes with age, grungy surfaces, rust, warped or antique glass.

Wabi-sabi photographic subjects can be found at flea markets, cities with an ancient heritage, ghost towns or deserted areas, or junk yards.

Wabi-sabi is a quiet art in which we learn to embrace liver spots, frayed edges, decay, and the march of time.


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November 14, 2013 Program-“Photographer/Physician: Images from a Decade in the International AIDS Epidemic,” Charles Steinberg

PastedGraphic-6Flatirons Photo Club Presentation, Thursday November 14th

Charles will discuss how his medical work and his photography interrelate.
He will present work from Africa and Asia. As Charles works in a country as a physician, he is fortunate to get out of the usual “tourist bubble” and his images show that. Ranging from stunning travel imagery to personal portraiture from diverse cultures, his high color, high contrast and high impact photography will inspire you to keep shooting and, perhaps, to get involved in humanitarian service. He will also show some of the images he uses in his teaching at The University of Colorado Medical School and other national and international presentations.

Charles Brief Bio:

Charles Steinberg M.D. is an HIV/AIDS specialist from Boulder Colorado. After being in practice 30 years, Charles began teaching physicians and nurses how to treat HIV/AIDS internationally. Charles has done medical consulting and training in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Nepal, Mexico, Peru, Honduras, Romania and the Ukraine. He has spent most of the last 10 years in East Africa, and a month each year for 3 years doing similar work in Myanmar (Burma).
Charles is also a professional photographer, who teaches photography and is wildly published. He uses his images in his medical teaching to bring in the “human” aspects of medical care. He is the photographer for his wife’s poverty eradication project in Uganda, BeadforLife. His images fill the BeadforLife website ( with potent colorful images from Uganda, and his work can also be seen at

Next Meeting, Thursday, October 10

Our 2013 FPC Member Show has been rescheduled from last month to Thursday, October 10. We will meet in the hall that we have been using for the previous several months. The presentation will be an exciting evening providing a glimpse into the various approaches that our members display to photography. Each of 10 members will have 10 minutes to present a slide show of their recent work and answer a few questions. We look forward to the following presentations:
Here is the list of member presenters who are having slide shows in September:
•Russ & Gail Dohrmann
•Maria Rosa Fuste
•Dan Joder
•Jim Downes
•Cary Wolfson (probably)
•Dana Bove
•Bruce Henderson
•Thomas Walsh
. Peter Baudurian

iPhoneography Class through Boulder Valley Schools LifeLong Learning

Information about an iPhoneography Class in Boulder – from James Clark

Hi Gail. I guess I never got back to you about the Boulder class. All of a sudden, it’s happening (this week)! I’m teaching an introduction to iPhoneography class through the Boulder Schools Lifelong Learning program that starts this Thursday. It runs 3 consecutive Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:30 starting 10/03 at Casey Middle School. I have 7 people signed up so far, but could take on a few more if you know anyone who might be interested. Here’s the link: