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January 2013 Competition Results

Prints submitted to club competitions

This post is a reminder of the size limits on prints entered into the monthly and year-end photo club competitions. During the last few months, several entries may have been larger than the size limit set in the competition guidelines. No measurements were taken, so this might in fact not have been the case. The board has discussed the matter, however, and, due to concerns that sizes greater than the set limits might give entries a greater impact than smaller photos, in the future prints that are not within the allowed limits will not be entered into competition.

Please note the club’s guidelines for print sizes: “26 inches is the tallest object that will fit in the light box. Glass and frames are NOT ALLOWED. Prints should have the maker’s name, title and indication of the UP direction on the back of the print. The minimum print size is 8” x 10”.” To keep prints comfortably within the light box, the 26″ size includes the mount/matt. So that judges can easily see prints, the minimum size of 8″ x 10″ is the size of the exposed print itself, without the mount/matt (of course not to exceed 26″ in height).

Here’s looking forward to another great year for Flatirons Photo Club!

Thomas Walsh, Flatirons Photo Club President