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November Competition Results

January 10, 2013 Program-The Art of Creating A Powerful Image, Dan Ballard

In this exciting presentation Dan Ballard will share his thoughts and  techniques on creating inspired and powerful images from conception to  print.  Based around the idea of “shooting like painter” Dan will  explain his process for finding and creating his images.  Dan will showcase images from his travels around the world and the U.S. as  examples.


Internationally known photographer Dan Ballard will be presenting on January 10th!   Dan speaks around the word at trade shows, symposiums and workshops to rave reviews and just returned from a speaking event in Moscow.   This high energy presentation will take you though Dan’s thought process and methods for finding and creating powerful photographs.  BlackRapid and ThinkTank are officially sponsoring this event and Dan will be raffling off gear from each.  Don’t miss it!